Landlords and Tenants

landlords and tenantsWe Represent Landlords and Tenants

If you are a residential or commercial landlord, or a commercial or industrial tenant in need of knowledgeable legal guidance regarding landlord tenant law, we can help.

On behalf of landlords, we can negotiate leases with commercial and industrial tenants and represent their interests if the tenant does not pay rent, abandons the premises, or does damage to the property in some way. In residential real estate matters, we provide legal counsel to landlords on tenants’ rights issues, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, evictions, and other laws that regulate the business of being a residential landlord.

On behalf of tenants, we negotiate leases with commercial and industrial landlords, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected, so that if future problems arise in the landlord tenant law relationship, the tenant has some bargaining power and the ability to protect its interests.

If problems do arise in the landlord tenant law relationship, such as cases in which the landlord does not provide services agreed upon in the lease, when the property is allowed to go into disrepair, or in disagreements regarding a sublet, our firm represents tenants in attempts to amicably negotiate resolutions.

We work diligently to resolve our clients’ legal problems as cost-effectively, thoroughly, and expeditiously as possible, while paying close attention to the individual needs of each client. Contact a Landlord Tenant Law Florida Attorney today to discuss your individual legal concerns.

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