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How We Draft a Contract?

Our task when drafting a contract is to ensure our client’s expectations are met. The words of a contract must a minimum accurately reflect our client’s desires and memorialize our client’s intentions. In areas where our clients have no preference, we draft the contract so that our client’s general interests are promoted. We write with confidence that the words we choose will be construed by subsequent readers in a way that coincides with our client’s interests. To write a contract successfully, we endeavor to do the following:

Structure of the contract using words that convey precise meaning to all potential readers;

Plan carefully for the multitude of potential interpretive issues that might arise;


Understand and apply the standard tools of contract interpretation; and

Research the relevant legal rules and precedents that may dictate how subsequent readers will construe the contract.

In accomplishing these goals, there is no substitute for hard work and experience. Having the proper forward-thinking mindset throughout the process, however, can go a long way toward ensuring our clients are protected.

A well-drafted contract uses a variety of legal structures to create duties and obligations between parties. These core duties and obligations have been identified as the “substantive” or “business” provisions of the contract.
The legal structures that create these duties and obligations become the building blocks of the contract; they fall into several basic categories, including:





Client Reviews

Attorney Romy has provided great service and I highly recommend her services. Customer service was great and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. Attorney Romy greatly aided me and I am 110% satisfied, never did she withdraw information from me nor attended me as number two. My case was her number one priority and I’m ecstatic about the results.

Tony M.

Loved working with this team, Romy, Mario and Diana were amazing and guided us through the process very smoothly. Instructions and pricing were clear from the get go and we got the results we wanted! Working with their team was amazing and they were 100% responsive through the entire process answering all our questions.! Thank you!

Sheyla F.

If you are looking for a skilled and caring professional, Romy Jurado and the firm of Jurado and Farshchian should be your first call. I personally recommended them on several occasions and receive only the highest praise for their work!

David B.

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Why Business Contract Services Are Invaluable For Any Business

Contracts are the lifeblood of business, allowing you to secure everything from a physical location to employees, suppliers, and in some cases, clients. That is why Jurado & Farshchian, P.L. offers Business Contract Services that account for nearly every business transaction or relationship.

Why You Should Hire A Business Attorney Who Specializes In Contracts

It does not matter what type of business you run or whether it is big or small: you will need contracts to govern just about every relationship, transaction, or activity your business depends on. From the vendors who supply your precious capital goods to the personnel, you employ as you grow your company…

Contracts Are For Big And Small Businesses

If you were to come to me about a business dispute you were having with another party, one of the first questions I will ask you is, “Do you have a contract?” The question is not an academic one for dissection by first-year law students. It is a vitally important question to know the answer to as that will likely determine how the dispute will play out.