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Three Big Reasons to Hire a Business Attorney With Expertise in Restaurants

Few things are as alluring and potentially rewarding as owning a restaurant. By the same token, however, running a restaurant is fraught with costly obstacle and requirements that may force even the savviest and most well-resourced restaurateurs to call it quits. That is why hiring a Business Attorney who specializes in restaurants uniquely challenging the industry is integral to ensuring your long-term success. Here are just three reasons you should consider working with a Business Attorney from Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.

Location, Location, Location

Every business owner knows that those are the three most important words when it comes to the success of a business. Securing the right location—in terms of visibility, accessibility, and quality—can make or break any business, especially one as challenging as a restaurant. No matter how great the food and service may be, without a good location, your business will struggle to attract patrons and grow sustainable clientele.

Moreover, even if you find a good location, you will need to ensure that your purchase or lease agreement does not entail onerous obligations that can drain precious resources. Many restaurants fail because of rents or other obligations that prove too costly, or because the space they purchased was not what was originally bargained for, requiring additional renovations and repairs.

With a Jurado & Farshchian attorney by your side, you can rest assured that no lease or purchase agreement will be signed without vigorous scrutiny and negotiation. We will carefully draft the provisions of the lease agreement and advocate on your behalf so that you can reach the best terms possible with the other party. If you plan to purchase your location, we will determine if the contract terms are clear and fair and if need be, we will negotiate on your behalf. We are as knowledgeable in real estate as we are in business law and can thus offer a comprehensive set of services that include title examination, issuance of title insurance, and more.

Complying with Licenses, Health Codes, and More!
Perhaps the biggest hurdle facing restaurants of any size or specialty is the sheer weight of the regulatory and licensing regime, which governs everything from alcohol sales to health inspections and even ambient music. For obvious reasons, restaurants come under particular scrutiny when it comes to health and safety, with local authorities requiring managers to complete mandatory training exercises in food handling and sanitation. Additionally, there is also the occupancy license required of all businesses, which certifies that the restaurant is compliant with all fire and safety measures (such as clearly marked exits and adequate fire extinguishers).

Selling alcohol is a major source of revenue for most restaurants, and this too will require a license, colloquially known as a “liquor license” (although the formal name varies by jurisdiction). This is often the most difficult regulation to comply with, as it usually requires lots of documentation and procedures. Similarly, music—whether live or recorded—is a big component in many dining establishments, but you will need a cabaret license or music license, respectively, to legally play either. Whether you acquired the trademark from a previous owner or developed one of your own, you will need to license the name, logo, or any other “intellectual property” related to the restaurant’s brand.

All these requirements entail different documents, procedures, and institutions, which will be a lot to handle while trying to get your business off the ground. Fortunately, our restaurant business attorneys know how to comply with every code, license, or regulation concerning restaurants. We will handle the application process and ensure all the necessary compliances and licenses are obtained as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can focus on launching and running your restaurant.

Facilitating Day to Day Operations
Running a restaurant takes tremendous hard work and dedication, but that will only get you so far without legal expertise. Most of the moving parts of a successful restaurant require some form of legal guidance, from the contracts needed to govern staff, to the vendor agreements that keep your establishment stocked with the tools and supplies you need to serve your patrons.

Like any business, a restaurant can also be vulnerable to lawsuits, be it from competitors challenging your intellectual property rights, former employees, or suppliers. Even if your restaurant is not operating on the razor-thin margins characteristic of the industry, you cannot afford to expend precious time, energy, and resources resolving legal disputes.

However, with Jurado & Farshchian business attorneys by your side, you will be well-armed to tackle any challenges that emerge during the course of your business. Whether you need to renegotiate your contract with a current vendor, require a custom agreement for a new supplier, or have a potential legal dispute with an employee, we have the expertise and experience you need to address anything standing between your business and long-term growth and success.

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