What Do I Need to Know about Buying a Restaurant for the E-2 Visa

Buying a Restaurant for the E-2 Visa

If you are considering buying a restaurant for the E-2 Visa, this article will help you understand the requirements you will need to meet and the steps you will need to take to obtain this priceless business visa.

The Restaurant Industry and the E-2 Visa

Foreign investors who wish to come to the United States to run a business are usually not aware of the many opportunities available in the restaurant industry. Buying a restaurant for the E-2 Visa can be a great way of starting your business career in the greatest economy in the world. In the United States, and especially in Florida, there are always several restaurants for sale at any given time. When it comes to the E-2 Visa, it is generally easier for foreign investors to purchase an existing restaurant than to start a new one from scratch.

The first stage of buying a restaurant of the E-2 Visa involves providing evidence of the source of the funds so that the USCIS can be sure the money was obtained legally. It is crucial to work with a qualified Business Immigration Attorney in the early stages of the E-2 Visa application process to help gather and prepare all the necessary documents and serve as your agent throughout the business purchase process.

Although buying a restaurant for the E-2 Visa is easier than starting a new one from scratch, it is not free of complexities. If you are a first-time buyer, then you will need all the help you can get. Fortunately, at Jurado & Farshchian, P.L., helping foreign investors purchase businesses in the United States is one of our specialties.

Running a Successful Restaurant in Florida

There are certain state regulations you have to follow to run a restaurant in the State of Florida, such as separate sinks for different purposes like the preparation of vegetables and the cleaning of mops, among many others. Failing to adhere to the list of requirements may prevent you from continuing to run your restaurant.

Before any restaurant in Florida can open its doors, an inspection needs to take place and the state must issue a license. Then, the business will need to consider several regulations, including:

  • Thoroughly washing all items that have been involved in the preparation of meals;
  • Making it clear to employees and customers that smoking is not permitted in restaurants; and
  • Screening employees for communicable diseases such as hepatitis A and coli infections.

Buying a restaurant for the E-2 Visa may allow you to take a big shortcut in the process and start operating much sooner, as existing restaurants usually have all of their documentation in order and are operating in compliance. However, you must be completely sure everything is in order before making the purchase. The only way to be completely sure is to conduct a thorough inspection of the financial and legal history of the business, which is where Jurado & Farshchian, P.L. comes in. Our team of E-2 Visa experts will help make sure you buy the right restaurant – one that does not become a nightmare in the near future. Finding the right business to buy for the E-2 Visa can be a big challenge – Jurado & Farshchian, P.L. can make it easy for you.

Tips for Buying a Restaurant for the E-2 Visa

The following are some tips to ensure a smooth E-2 visa application process:

  • Be sure to notify your restaurant broker that you are buying a restaurant for the E-2 visa to ensure your contract is written accordingly. Your broker and seller must be aware that you are looking to obtain an E-2 Visa because not all sellers will agree to the conditions of a business purchase made for this visa.
  • If you are planning to invest in a franchise, you must have the ability to move in and out of the United States before obtaining the establishment for franchisee training and the franchise’s discovery day.

If you have any additional questions about buying a restaurant for the E-2 Visa, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Call us today at (305) 921-0440 or send us an email to Romy@JFLawFirm.com to schedule an initial consultation with one of our E-2 Visa experts.

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